Rally in Camarillo to Protect Our Coast from drilling, spilling & fracking

People from Ventura County, Santa Barbara County and areas as far away as San Diego rallied at the Camarillo offices of the federal agency tasked with overseeing oil drilling in federal waters, the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM), to speak out against the federal government's plans to reopen our coastline to more drilling - that means more spilling and fracking. 

Here is a photo gallery from the rally: 




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Why are oil drilling requests being processed during shutdown?

Why were federal employees working to process drilling applications during the government shutdown?


CFROG is proud to join 86 of the nation’s leading environmental advocacy organizations in demanding a response from the federal government.

CLICK to read the letter demanding answers from the federal agencies responsible for opening up our public lands, including some in Ventura County, to more drilling. 

This Monday, Jan 28 speak out in Camarillo against new federal leases in our oceans - Stop the drilling, fracking & spilling in our oceans. CLICK FOR DETAILS.


50 years since oil spill - Any lessons learned?

On the eve of the 50th anniversary of the 1969 Santa Barbara oil spill the public, environmental groups and elected officials are speaking out about plans to expand offshore drilling off America's coastline - not just the California coast, but around the country.


With impacts of a warming planet making land fall in the form of fires, droughts, extreme storms and rising sea levels the public's role in applying pressure to decision makers is key - we must build the groundswell so our elected officials and public employees at all levels of government understand their marching orders - Climate Action Now! 

Read more for indepth story from the VCSTAR about the 69 spill and local actions to help stop more drilling off our coast.

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What happened at the Ventura County Board of Supervisors meeting Jan. 15 was a travesty. It voted 3-2 to allow an oil producer in the Ojai Valley (Bentley Family Limited Partnership) to continue to operate in violation of its conditional use permit simply because they are nice guys and nobody was significantly hurt. 

Bentley admitted to spewing climate-changing gases into the air for 16 years, knowingly and willingly in violation of the conditions of its county permit, and the reason given was that it could not make enough money to justify doing it correctly. 

Bentley has been allowed to profit from its illegal behavior, and the board (led by Kelly Long and John Zaragoza)) has betrayed the public trust.

Kris Ohlenkamp, Fillmore